Hi my name is Trisha Rae Wong and I'm an artist and designer based in Los Angeles, California. I'm a huge advocate for custom art and design. If your business is unique then it should show. Since graduating the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan I've been making chalkboard art for local business. I love what I do for a living and am fortunate to be where I am. In my free time I help people discover their inner artist or do what they love.

I am available for freelance or full time work.

My influences: the Mowglies, yoga, nature and

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Skills include: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Painting, Sculpting, Drawing and more.


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This is a bicycle store in Hermosa Beach that features commuter bikes, mountain bikes, and beach bikes. The staff is very knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. I wanted the chalk board drawing and mural to reflect the detail-oriented members of Motion Bicycle..
Blockheads is a snow creamery in Little Osaka. If you love ice cream and shaved ice then this will easily become a new favorite. Inspired by their delicate textures and flavors I made a custom chalk board menu that is easy to read and colorful.
Web banners created for an online store which sells high end clothing selected by Californians. Civilized Wildlife appeals to women who want comfortable, light, and fashionable clothing. Banners were designed with simple typefaces and some in house photography and craft work.
Thesis on Styrofoam. Information graphics driven which includes a timeline of the product and facts about Styrofoam and its effects on the environment.
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